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Incorporating the principles of Content-based Instruction and Task-based Language Teaching, this course embraces a variety of themes to help students understand American culture and society as well as help them integrate into their new environment. Language and functional targets within this course follow a sequential theme: each topic is correlated with others and this course will lead students to re-visit previous achievements for review and reinforcement. Various field trips and pedagogical tasks aimed at providing students with opportunities to deepen their understanding of the language and culture where they live and study, and apply their knowledge through experience, interaction and practice in an authentic context. Finally, this course ultimately aims at equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed for future undergraduate study and helps them adapt to a new cultural and linguistic environment.

Course Outline and Topics:



Language Target

(Dependent on student)

Function Target

Skill Area


Culture Notes




Number In Life

Simple Present;

‘Be’ verbs;

Wh- questions

Basis for Daily Interaction; Shopping and Living

Four Skills

Numbers, money, quantities, measurement, etc.

Nicknames for money, conventional uses of numbers,

Demonstration of online shopping and banking service; role-play in department stores




Simple Present and Future aspect;

Lexicon bundle in conversation:

I was wondering…

Four Skills

Verbs related to vehicles; nouns; lexicon bundles

Local Navigation;

Cultural differences in transportation

Take transportation; plan a city tour



Wh-questions; Simple Past and Present Prefect tenses

Map reading

Four Skills

Past participles; landscape proper nouns

Important landscape in American Society

Plan a national wide trip; individual research of a national park/landscape



Past continuous and past perfect tenses

Familiarity with different internet-based networking services and educational resources

Four Skills

Proper nouns; verbs related to topics; SNS abbreviations; past participles (more irregular ones)

Influence of SNS on American society; Texting/ Online Chatting



Poster of SNS pros and cons


Movie and TV

Modal verbs

Preparation for Midterm Project

Four Skills

Modal verbs; proper nouns

Pragmatics of modal verbs; movie industry and American culture; Classics

Movies and Hollywood; TV networks; ‘Celebrities‘ interviews; Movie critics



Comparative adjectives; conditional clause; subjunctive mood

Make prediction; comparison; conditioning

Four Skills

Adjectives; ‘If’; proper nouns; basic terms

Classics; music and youth; music and culture

‘Favorite Song’ vote; musician poster


Government and Law

Simple present and simple past; speech acts

Understand ‘law’ in American society and locality

Four Skills

Proper nouns; terms; topical verbs

Government and organization


Historical site sightseeing: city hall, law enforcement and etc.


Law & Everywhere

Past continuous and past perfect

Law in daily life; visa and document comprehension

Four Skills

Proper nouns; terms; topical verbs

How to deal with legal issue in daily life; understand the importance of ‘law’ in American society





History and American Dream

Past tense (simple, perfect, continuous, future and etc.)

Synthetic skills; analytical thinking

Four Skills

Proper nouns; terms; topical verbs

American Dream and ‘the melting pot’

Field Trip:

Museum of American History



Present tense (simple, perfect, continuous) and modal verbs

Synthetic skills; analytical thinking

Four Skills

Proper nouns; terms; topical verbs

American Economy ups and downs; economy and ideology

Field Trip:

Wall Street



Subjunctive moods; future aspects; past tenses

Skills of using technology in life and study

Four Skills

Proper nouns; terms; topical verbs

‘How technology impacts peoples’ lives all over the world?’

Video focused on a selected top of technology in USA/your culture




Subjunctive moods; future aspects; past tense

Coping with discrimination and culture sensitivity and awareness

Four Skills

Proper nouns; terms; topical verbs

Race and culture

Dialogue Journal: How do you cope with discrimination in your life?